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Do you know the fastest path to improve your sales results?
Do you know the fastest path to improve your sales results?
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Take Some Lessons from the Fastest Growing Companies!
Take Some Lessons from the Fastest Growing Companies!
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Download The 7 Secrets Guide

Get the fastest path to improve your sales result!

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What if you could “more easily” become the best leader your staff has ever had?
What if you could make better decisions, faster, and with more certainty?
What if you could increase revenues more easily, and more often?

What if you could “save $12K per year” with one of only 8 charter seats, now conducting selection interviews to find the founding and voting members?

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Receive Scott’s 7 Secrets

Get the fastest path to improve your sales result!

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Get A Free Consulting Session 

If you are ready to make real and important changes in your life, and seeking a business consultant, coach, or a life coach to help guide you to focus on the path ahead, or to assist in putting the right things in the right order to quickly up-level your results, then I congratulate you, and I have some of the most current information to share to help make that happen now on the Fastpath!

Much of this new program is the result of my ongoing interview series with America’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies. They earn millions, (some earn that each month). I have been helping and consulting business owners, start-ups, and the already very successful leaders and winners to win more since 1996!

I am a certified coach for both life coaching, and business coaching and I understand that it’s all one thing anyway.  It’s your life!  Lets talk about your situation and begin with the intention to first understand where you are now, and then how best to step-up and get you into the consistent actions that will create the results you seek on the fastest path!

Everything is strictly confidential, and private in our one-to-one coaching.

I currently have a few openings for private coaching, and I am also creating A FastPath Mastermind Group for those who qualify. Mastermind groups are an amazing way to grow and contribute your natural talents for others, to make new friends for life in many cases, and also to get the fastest results I’ve ever seen.

Call Today to Learn More! 818-988-6800


Coaching & Consulting

CEO Coaching & Consulting:
FastPath was created out of the awareness in 2005 that I was always coaching my TaylorMade Marketing clients since day one. In the beginning it was simply a “value add” for those who allowed and/or wanted the full scope of my questions, strategies, suggestions, challenges, and accountability.  –read more

CEO Mastermind Groups

CEO Coaching & Mastermind Peer Groups:
The FastPath CEO Mastermind group consists of non-competing companies, so once we have our CPA, Attorney, Construction Co., Print shop, or any type of business leader in our group, that’s it! No competitors allowed. All information is strictly confidentcial, and trust is a major part of our code of ethics and honor system.  –read more

 Guest Speaker/Trainer

FastPath Power Talks:
I have been conducting a series of interviews with the Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies as listed in the Business Journals, the INC. 500 and more.  Ultimately this information will be found in my “FastPath Interviews” book around the end of the year.  The information is just too good to save. I am offering Power Talks where I share business best practices for getting the best results online and off!    – read more

Your Fastest Path To New Business™