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 “You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.”
     – Abraham Maslow, Psychologist, Creator of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


FastPath Coaching (and FastPath Secrets) are a division of
TaylorMade Marketing in Los Angeles, CA.
 TaylorMade Marketing was founded in 1996 by Scott Taylor; first as a web design firm, (TaylorMade Web Design) which they no longer offer, as they became a full service ad agency in 2001 and incorporated as TaylorMade Marketing, LLC.

As a business owner since 1996, Scott Taylor knows the challenges of growing a business, a staff, revenues, and cash-flow, as well as the need for productive systems for team building and proper customer service.

He also knows the stress of operations in these uncertain times as well as some of the most simple and productive ways to improve your business, your life, your marketing, and your leadership knowledge with a well run CEO Mastermind!

-In 2007 Scott Taylor was awarded the $20,000 prize for building and chairing the fastest growing small business CEO Coaching and Mastermind Group for Vistage International, (Vistage is the world’s largest chief executive organization).

Taylor built his first CEO Coaching Mastermind group in thirty one days with ten CEO paying members, when the average timeline was quoted as three to six months for new group chairs.

Now in his 18th year of business, Taylor has once again expanded his offerings with a new test to see if business leaders will prefer to have “day or evening” coaching sessions, in a private FastPath CEO Mastermind Group for a select few, (10 – 12 local CEO’s and top executives)  committed to launch the San Fernando Valley FastPath Mastermind Group. (Call to schedule a selection interview to see if this could be a nice fit for you, and tell a friend or two who might like to add the brilliant mind-share and expertise of well run executive mastermind with other local top executives. Online groups now forming as well!

Scott is a well established certified business coach, he is a Master Certified Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, as well as being an award winning Vistage Chair.
He is currently certifying as Master NLP practitioner and trainer and for Clinical Hypnotherapy to further his understanding of how the mind works to benefit his clients and maximize their results.

“FastPath was created out of the awareness in 2005 that I was always coaching my TaylorMade Marketing clients since day one. In the beginning it was simply a “value add” for those who allowed and/or wanted the full scope of my questions, strategies, suggestions, challenges, and accountability.”

“It was always the most satisfying part of each project I lead. I’m naturally curious about what makes people tick. It always made perfect sense to me that the deeper I could understand the client, their history, challenges, experience with sales and marketing, along with their wants and wishes, and any perceived blocks or barriers, that I could then have some real fun and help them build and develop a more productive game plan for a successful campaign or series of promotions, as well as providing some accountability to help them execute in short order.”

In 2006 FastPath Coaching was launched as a formal profit center within TaylorMade Marketing. Then, in 2007 Scott became an award winning Vistage Chair joining the world’s largest chief executive coaching and mastermind organization where he was mentored by the best in the business from 2007 to 2009.

Books1-Between 2007 and 2010 Scott also co-authored the Best Selling book series “The Power of Coaching” with some of the best known names in the coaching business such as Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, The late Jim Rohn, and Denis Waitley to name a few.

The books have been a great help in introducing Scott to the world of public speaking both in the USA and Canada. The next step being considered is to schedule a European trip to speak at companies, and conduct joint ventures with some of England’s most active coaches and authors as well!

Scott’s team continues today to change and grow with long establish clients, allowing Scott to focus, build, and grow the FastPath Coaching division as well as the new Mastermind Groups now forming in Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, as well as telephone and Skype groups for those of you out of the Los Angeles area.

Call now for details if you are interested in learning more to FastPath your projects. 818.988.6800 Imagine being in a group of top executives meeting each month to support each other. 8 -12 CEO’s, Owners, and Presidents, each with different skills, sharing, caring, and daring each other to stretch beyond the current comfort zones. Each committed to helping each other in business and in life. A highly trained meeting facilitator and coach who meets with each member one-to-one each month as well at their office or over coffee at a local shop.

Together we discuss what’s working, what’s not, and what’s possible with an organized team of leaders who will challenge your assumptions, and help you find the FastPath to action, and to resolve whats holding your back with information and answers you will find no other way!

We know nothing more productive than a non-bias mastermind of leaders committed to your ultimate success! What we look for in a member? The first thing is a positive attitude, then it’s the level expertise and respect they have within the industry, and all of the ways they can help to assist and contribute value to the whole group over-all. Dan Kennedy may have said it best when he said “We help winners win more!”

No one can just join a FastPath Mastermind Group, It’s by invitation only. We also have a selection interview process to properly vet the memebers for the right group. The FastPath CEO Mastermind group consists of non-competing companies, so once we have our CPA, Attorney, Construction Co., Print shop, or any type of business leader in our group, that’s it! No competitors allowed. All information is strictly confidentcial, and trust is a major part of our code of ethics and honor system.

-What we offer our members? Each month the FastPath Mastermind Group connects you with up to 12 local non-competing small business leaders from a broad range of knowledge, experince, and industries. Your FastPath Group Chair leads the group with an informative sign-in process designed to help you present your issues, success, and challenges, and to guide the group to consider all possibilities to keep you thinking and ready for the potenial shifts ahead. One of the key goals is to avoid negative surprises.