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How to make 2014 the best year ever!

Do you ever wonder if a proven sales and marketing coach could quickly help you and your team reach your goals more easily and more often?

FP2014Ask About Scheduling A Complimentary Strategy Session with Scott Taylor during the first quarter (Jan – March)!  

Join Scott for your own private one-to-one meeting for up to 30 minutes any day (or evening) that is still available during Jan – March. Experience a FastPath Coaching /Consulting mini-session to help you get a feel of the FastPath Consulting Systems for identifying the issues with more clarity, and for understanding how the latest coaching programs and human change technology has improved over the last few years! What ever you do, don’t stay stuck! Get on the FastPath to success! Call Now: 818-988-6800

This season, I am offering only a few more 6 month coaching spots.


We will meet twice a month plus unlimited email.

I currently have three ways to serve you better!

Available live (in-person) with me traveling to you for local businesses within twenty miles of Encino, and via telephone and or Skype audio (and/or) video for those of you a bit further out. (Some in other countries.)
Both paths work just as well as long as you are committed to your plan as we go! You must take action. You will learn the tried and true marketing best practices with savvy online marketing trends and some of the best kept secrets, along with four offline strategies that you must do to compete in the current market place for most successful marketing plans of late! We will also go deeper than most coaches ever get into your thought patterns, beliefs, and current habitual behaviors.  Sometime it’s just us…. who are in our own way!

FP_Team1.) The 6 Month “FastPath”: (Only two more spots remain open!)
Expect bigger, and better results! Each month we discuss the priority goals, perceived blocks and barriers that have kept you stuck, and we decide to pave over them with new more exciting ideas and with wise and proven behavior to create more billable actions!  We begin the work of creating the new habits that will better serve your life and business success in as many ways as we can create! This is only limited to you and your team’s ability to look, listen, laugh, and learn. Then, to organize and execute your approved action plans. Expect some discomfort as we begin, and then expect some improved revenues! It can be hard work as you begin change, but it’s sooooo worth it!   Stay creative.

2.) The FastPath “MasterMind Group”: FP_Meeting-room
(Charter Memberships now open.  
This is a new group, spots are still open!) 

 This includes everything in the “FastPath” above, i.e… two meetings per month, plus the group meeting with other CEO’s and top executives! (Only 12 per group!) so we encourage a FastPath recruiting strategy! Once the group is full with our Charter members, the fee will increase.  So, consider the saving each month for as long as you are in as a charter member! There’s always a big benefit to being a charter member at FastPath!

Is it time to be Welcomed Aboard Your Own FastPath to Success?

ST_FPS2 3.) FastPath “Power Talks” For Sales Teams, Break-out Sessions, Network Marketing Teams, and anyone who is building a businessThis funny, sometimes deep, story based “Power Talk” is all about sharing current FastPath business “Best Practices” with your staff. It’s about waking everyone up, helping each other in choosing more effective words with stronger, better offers, and allowing more urgency in your business life to reach more properly targeted prospects, and have a more natural sales conversation that leads to a positive outcome more easily, and more often!

I’ll share the best information I have with the best strategies and tactics I’ve learned from my interviews with America’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies! I will leave your team with both motivation, and inspiration to make the changes that matter to them, and the results you want. I remain connected for several consecutive weeks via telephone conference calls with your team to help keep it clear, fresh, and in motion as new FastPath Habits are being created within the team. This is much more than a “Power talk”, it’s a game plan that works!

REAL CHANGE is the objective and it requires REAL COMMITMENT to achieve! 


Coming in 2014
Scott Taylor’s “FastPath Interviews”

($14.95 Plus Shipping -Coming in 2014)  –  Not yet available.
The results of our interviews with the fastest growing privately held companies will be released in mid – to – late 2014!  Stop back to see the sneak peaks as we release some of the very best ideas and tactics you can begin using to FastPath your business, and your earnings!


Books_sm“The Power Of Coaching”  The POC book series was an amazing  opportunity to meet, work, and co-author with some of the most amazing leaders, coaches, and thought leaders the world has ever known!  For example, my friend Machen MacDonald who was the spearhead of the project gathered luminaries like the late Jim Rohn, Stephen Covey, and Chet Holmes. Three truly amazing minds who have helped, coached, challenged and inspired millions  of us to step-up our game, and then go on to share our lessons with others modeled in many cases from their examples.  We miss them, and thank them for such wonderful lessons, memories and more. I feel so lucky to be a co-author in these best selling projects, and to be associated with such examples as these three masters along with the 15 other top coaches in these two inspiring books. Get your copy today, and get growing!

Machen asked me to design the covers, and to contribute a chapter in both of the books shown here. Each is available for $14.95 Each, plus shipping.  (Available Now!)


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