“What we do each day matters much more than what we do every now and then.” – Scott Taylor  (Habit-force – the project)blog-header1sm
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Why Believe?
by Scott Taylor

Why do you think we believe whatever we are currently believing?

Consider how many people are willing to literally die for their beliefs. Not sure about that? Just look at all the brave soldiers who stand up for you and me against incredible hate and disdain everyday in this country. In terms of belief and convictions for their cause, it’s really the same for the radical religious attacks around the globe from those on 9-11-01 to any and all acts of war! There are sadly endless examples of proof that people will die for their beliefs.

Let me now bring this idea from the radical, back to a more common “everyday issue” like you and I face each day, and lets deal with “your current beliefs” and consider how much money “you believe you should make” for the value you give in return or in exchange for your product or service.

Consider what you believe about the maximum earnings you can and will make this year, and at what point do you “believe” you will take much more action to make sure that your primary needs are covered,… and then what do you “believe” would have to happen to see that your primary “wants” are covered as well.  Read that again, It’s needs (Vs.) wants.  The current studies from the fields of sociology, and psychology indicate that most of us will do just about what ever it takes to reach our most basic needs, but not so much beyond that.
What role are your beliefs playing in your current income?  You might be surprised.

What is a belief anyway?
How do we get our beliefs?
Can we really change our beliefs if we wanted too?
If so, how can we start right now to really change any of our beliefs that keep us limited in areas that we want most to experience the change of improving?

This is a great use of our time if it’s change we are seeking. Beliefs are so important when it comes to earning our income, and it’s another thing in gaining the kind of leverage it takes to sustain the change – and lets be real, because nothing happens until, and unless we can begin to make some kind of changes in the first place. Our beliefs are often at cause of keeping us pretty much stuck right where we are!  I guess the first question is Can you believe that?

I have learned that a belief is nothing more, (and nothing less) than a thought we keep thinking.
Here’s how it works. When we are born, we don’t really have any beliefs at all. Our family or our primary care givers are truly the first step in gaining our first beliefs because we get all of our early beliefs from our caregivers.
So the reason we believe what ever we are currently believing is due to our family and circles of influence. Let’s call it our “Tribe”.

When we are young our tribe is our primary caregivers, they are our circle of trust. Beliefs require trust, and faith that what is believed by the caregivers is important on many levels, and beneficial as well. They like us better when we adopt their beliefs! Our care givers keep us safe, they nurture us and help us understand our world and as they share their opinions about things each day and night we absorb it, and eventually begin to consider it as our own.

They share their beliefs with us over and over through the years so we hear their beliefs again and again until it starts to click for us as well. It’s like we begin to see the world through their eyes, or perspective. When the subject matter comes up we are triggered into these opinions and we may not realize it, but we are programmed to believe as our tribe believes for the most part, up to a certain time when we begin to question our care givers against what others are saying.

When we get into our teens we have been hearing several different opinions and view points and so we may begin to form or join a new circle of trust as we gain some freedom or risk to be more independent.
I don’t really want to go much further down this road because this is not a course on sociology, psychology, or any of the “Ologies” you can name. This is much more about creating your “FastPath” to earning more money, improving your health, and/or relationships.

I do think that it is relevant and important to gain or agree that just this little bit of how our first ten to fifteen years of life, and all of the “imprinting” that comes with it from our family and “tribe” or the care givers truly shapes our beliefs and behavior.

It’s important because by understanding the layers, and applying what science has delivered in just the past five or six years demonstrates that YES!  YES!  YES!  we can create a serious “FastPath” to challenge and change the beliefs that do not serve our wants and wishes.

Applying the skills, knowledge and lessons of our program has our members moving forward as we begin to truly understand how we got here in the first place!

It’s “Imprinting”! It’s hearing, seeing, smelling, touching and thinking, and then emotionally feeling as a meaning is determined, and over-all what we have experienced which then creates our learning, our memories form after repeated occurrences, and our mental electro-chemical triggers that connect us back to the impact or significance are there for recognition if and when something should trigger this emotion in the future. Stay with me. Read it again if you need too! Not getting this, will keep you stuck.

As an executive coach with Vistage International, Inc. in 2007 through 2009 I was often surprised to find the levels of doubt and worry from the CEO’s, Presidents, and Owners of the companies in the CEO Mastermind groups I chaired.  It was kind of refreshing to see that even these successful leaders who had revenues far above a million, some far above tens of millions… and each one without fail were triggered by many of the same words and events, by smells, and by old songs just like the rest of us! Turns out they are human after all! JUST LIKE YOU, and just like me!

Here’s what I learned:

In seeking to better understand the cause of their success, and what they have to believe to get these results, I asked a lot of questions, and read a lot of their books. I am currently going through the list of the fastest growing companies out there. Like the Inc 500, and all the big city Business Journals that list their own Fastest Growing privately held companies each year. I am calling and interviewing as many of them as I can for my FastPath Interviews book series!

It’s not that they had less challenges in their life, it’s more that they had discovered effective beliefs and habits that predictably produce better results then the average man or woman. Here’s what I mean; the patterns I see in the interviews began to show that CEO’s at the top have habits and systems in place because they “believed” the problems would come, and so they built teams so they can stand ready to correct their course with less friction, less struggle, and thus they can do it with more calm, and clear thinking than most!
NOTE: I won’t pretend to be a great interviewer, author, writer, or some brilliant Phd type here, I am much more your average guy on the street. I don’t even have a college degree, but I did go to college in three different states, I also went to a technical school and finished top of my class for recording engineering, and the recording arts. (Audio, Video, and Film) I have also founded and lead my own business for over two decades, and I have coached CEO’s since 2007 so I do have many, many real world experiences, with failures and success both in the millions!  We learn most with our failures, this is where the great lessons are waiting for us all!  I love the quotes that tell us. and encourage us take more action, and to be willing to fail faster! This is where “the rubber hits the road”, and our growth or expansion happens on the FastPath.

Take a few lessons from some of America’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies. Successful CEO’s build teams that role play, mastermind, and brainstorm they deal with real issues like what might go wrong and what to do if it does. They believe this will reduce risk. That’s a big hint.
The lesson they taught me is to be real, stay in the conversations, and expect the storms in life, and have resources and supplies to get your current “tribe” through the storms of life, and business is a part of life!

The smart thing that mastermind groups did best and taught me to apply here in every FastPath Program is to have every prospective member of our programs to be properly qualified in three ways to ensure a powerful, highly productive, and valuable group, here’s why I share that now… This is a moment to think about our beliefs!

1.) With my past groups, prospective members must have revenues above a million dollars annually. (No exceptions, no start-ups.) This is no longer true, ask if you have questions on this. We still have some high standards to meet.
2.) They needed to be relatively happy, and possess a fair share of optimism with a “Can do” attitude, and resolve about reasonable challenges. (No whiners.) Yes, this one sticks!
3.) They also needed to show evidence and or present themselves as above average and wise in one or more areas that matter in business – This is so they could provide some form of outstanding value to the group. Absolutely required moving forward with my FastPath groups.

We also made it well known and expected that each member should be open, even vulnerable where appropriate for growth.  Not right away of course, but after getting to know everyone, and to understand that this was more of a “human” group, than a “business” group, even if business was the main conversation! This was to be the one safe place to ask for the help you really need or want, and to share the hard truth and commit to fix the issues as a collective of minds working towards better beliefs, mental health, productivity, and wealth creation together, and for each other.

We presented a great reason to believe that real help and accountability was here in our group!
Yes, It is!

As you begin or maybe decide to rebuild your own business, it’s important to understand the power of your beliefs. Understand your own patterns, habits and beliefs about your goals and objectives. It’s also important to understand why we believe what we currently believe, and then apply this information so you have the proper imprinting plan for creating the change you want, the growth, the proper motivation to show up with the best attitude, and decide to “stay in the conversation” long enough for the new habits, patterns, and beliefs to take root and only then will the struggles really begin to end as the new habits will come to life!

Keep asking questions like “Why Believe?”  Understand that that the leader is always looking at the path and moves quickly to make the corrections everyday. Be the leader in your own life and in your business objectives.

Each FastPath leader tells us a few things you must begin to consider and believe: Don’t go it alone. Get help, join a group of leaders who help each other, who inspire each other. It makes it all so much better.  As we begin this process, “It’s more about direction than perfection!”   Expect the storms and be ready to get back on track ASAP. Plan for it!

FastPath Action steps:
1. Journal your thoughts. Your dreams and nightmares. Your hopes and your worries. Get it out of your head and onto your journal. Every one of the best teachers, gurus, and awesome mentors tell us to keep a journal, and capture our thoughts. This is a must. (But will you do it?)
2. Getting support in your endeavors is one of the main keys to success and happiness. To create more great friends we must simply be a great friend more often. Consider several ways that you can become a “Go Giver” in ways that are authentic for who you already are. Start by making a list of ideas and just begin stepping into being the person you want to be.

NOW HEAR THIS: It doesn’t matter if you already think you know this stuff, or even if you believe this stuff as much as it matters that you do it!  Will you do it?  If so, when?

3. Use the FastPath Imprinting concepts in the FastPath Coaching programs daily (from the members area) to help create and develop the habits you want to replace with the habits that are not serving your goals and objectives.
Begin with things like vision books, and vision boards, meditation, EFT, Guided Imagery, Guided Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Affirmations, and Afformation. If you don’t know what these are ask for help.  Stay within a positive group of like minded individuals that are helping you to stay connected and accountable to the thoughts, actions, and emotions of having it all. These and more ideas are found in the F.I.T. Module in our online membership program.

What do you believe about having a business coach, or being in a monthly mastermind group with 8 to 12 CEO’s, Owners and presidents? Might that be helpful in playing life at a higher level.

Contact Scott Taylor to learn more the FastPath CEO Mastermind group now forming in the San Fernando Valley by calling 818.988.6800
Stay Creative,
-Scott Taylor
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